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How do I know that it’s going to look right / work right / be right?

There is definitely an element of trust involved when selecting an Automation integrator. Our experience, the quality of the work, and the caliber of the clients and projects is the best proof that we can offer. We encourage you to look at the photos and review our client list.

If I give you a budget, can we work towards it?

Yes. As mentioned above, the custom Automation integrator’s world is full of possibility. Sometimes prioritizing requirements can be helpful. Wintech Engineers Pvt. Ltd. has the experience of many manufacturers and different types of equipment, which gives insight to many cost-effective solutions.

I have old equipment running in our plant, can you service it?

This is a common request. For the past 20 years of our business operation we have maintained outdated programs, a Windows 95 operating system and expired equipment information just for this purpose. We have access to outdated parts that will get your system up and running. TechElectric is known as an expert at renewing old equipment with new updated hardware and software. We recommend updating your systems on a regular basis to improve efficiency.

Do you service outside of the GTA?

Yes, we can provide services anywhere within North and South America and Europe. In fact, we love to travel; if there is an opportunity to travel to do our work we will welcome it.