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Airport Baggage Handling

DIAL T3 Terminal & High Speed Metro Link

project requirement :

Construction of the 8th largest new terminal in world-record time of 36 months along with High Speed Metro Rail Link.
Train speed 135 km/hr.
5 stations, 4 underground and 1 elevated .
Total Investment is €3 Billion.
India’s first such Airport and Metro Link will be a benchmark for future upcoming projects.

„Green and Efficient Airports“ – Infrastrukturlösungen von Sieme 


Close coordination with Rittal and various other suppliers for fastest delivery of products.We planned our stocks/deliveries to meet customers’ projected timelines.

We supplied 300 large and 500 small enclosures for baggage handling automationWe supplied 1200 small enclosures for building management system and heating ventilation and air-conditioning for controlling and monitoring all mechanical & electrical systems in Airport Terminal 3 building.We supplied 50 large & 100 small enclosures for runway and general airport lighting applications.We supplied more than 100 large & 300 small enclosures which house critical electrical equipmets for Tunnel applications which are subject to very high air pressure when trains move at a speed of 135 Km / hour.

CUSTOMER: Delhi International Airport Ltd.

Projects Executed:

  • DIAL T1
  • T2, T3
  • Delhi Express Metro Link
  • MIAL T1A
  • T2B&C
  • T3