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Process Automation

Fatty acid distillation for bio dieseling

Fatty Acid industry is associated with production of fatty acids and glycerin. Both vegetable oils & animal fats are being used as feedstock for fatty acids / glycerin manufacturing. The fatty acids are manufactured as a distillate mixture or a pure fraction. Pure fractions can be obtained either from fractionation plant or by selectively choosing the feed-stock & carrying out straight distillation.

The Advantage

  • Each plant component is designed to MICRO level; hence performance of each component is controlled to the required level.
  • Our plants are 100% custom-built and we do not sell the “standard plants”.
    It results in good “Turndown” Ratio for plant operation..
  • Customer need not compromise on his requirements. We can supply the
    plants of required capacities at desired parameters such as utility
    consumptions, operability, plant life as per customer’s request.

Milk processing – TPD plant dryer / evaporator section

  • Liquid milk processing plant
  • Evaporated milk plant
  • Milk powder plant (SMP/WMP)
  • Malted milk plant
  • Soya milk/powder plant
  • Sweetened condensed milk plant