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Water Tanker Management

Water tankering can be a rapid means of transporting water to areas in need during the initial phase of an emergency.

The Delhi Jal Board (DJB) supplies potable water in water deficit areas through around 1000 departmental and hired water tankers in different zones in Delhi. Wintech has been a key partner in helping DJB through DIMTS with meeting his goal. A total of 42 stations consisting of 135 filling points are under Wintech for installation of hydrants and pumps as well as the complete development, installation, and management of the software/SCADA to operate these filling points. The goal is to prevent any kind of pilferage of water, so that it reaches the common man more efficiently.

Salient Feature

  • Prevention of unauthorized filling with the help of RF based ID Cards. Prevention of unauthorized delivery with the help of GPS controlled tankers fitted level sensors. 
  • Minimization of water wastage with automated filling points.
  • Interface of water level sensor with GPS to ensure appropriate distribution of water.
  • Monitoring of the tankers through GPS and level sensors to ensure correct and timely delivery of water to the end user.
  • Execution and O&M on BOOT basis for 7 years.

water tanker management