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PLC-Logo, S7-200/300/400


  • Low-cost Automation Solution, Wide Range Of I/0 Point
  • High speed processing And Communication Performance
  • Fail Safe & Fault-Tolerate Versions
  • Supports Ethernet, Profinet, Profanes And Modbus
  • Saving Time & Cost Through Distributed Automation

HMI / Touch Panels


  • A Comprehensive And integrated Range
  • Text Displays, Operator Panels and Touch Panels
  • Access Protection With User ID And Password
  • Supports Ethernet,Profinet,Profibus & USB
  • Intelligent Tools For Efficient Configuration For All Applications

AC Drive-Micro master, Somovert Master Drive


  • Multifunctional Variable Speed Drives For Industrial Needs
  • Power Ranges From 0.12-4500Kw
  • Output Frequency Range From 0 to 650 Hz
  • Applicable With AC 1-/3- ph-a-se,Wide Voltage Ranges
  • Suitable For Pumps,Fan-, Conveyours,Machine Tools

DC Drive-Simoreg DC Master Drive


  • Output Range From 6.3 kW to 2000kW
  • Input Voltage From 400 V to 830V
  • Extremely Quick & Simple Start-up
  • Suitable For Rubber,Paper,Printing,Plastic Machines
  • Steel Industry, Rolling Mills, Turbines etc.